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Last time I brought up this important topic, I emphasized how important it is to have good LIGHT in fashion photos. (The fashion photo school - part 1 can be read by clicking here)

This time I'm addressing TWO other things that are EQUALLY important. Namely, the DISTANCE between photographer and model and the importance of taking the picture at exactly the RIGHT moment.

Example nr 1:

Here, the photographer has been WAY too fast. The model hasn't even had time to enter the picture. Here it would have been MUCH better to WAIT a bit. Preferably until you SEE the model.

Here, the photographer has waited until the model IS in the picture. And it's MUCH better. But. THE DISTANCE is too BIG. Here there are MANY IMPORTANT details in the outfit that do not show up properly because the model is TOO FAR AWAY.

In the picture below, you can see the model and the trendy outfit MUCH BETTER:

Yes. This is good. But even HERE things can be IMPROVED. By going EVEN closer to the model, you will soon see that ALL the fab and trendy details actually FINALLY come into their own:

EYE CANDY. Here, the distance between photographer and model is PERFECT. ALL the sexy little details in this fashion SHOT (pictured) come through CLEARLY here. It can also be mentioned that LOCATION is also important when taking FIERCE fashion shots (photos). Here, the photographer has chosen to take a COOL and URBAN approach - by posing the model in front of these rustic (but still stylish) buildings in the background.

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