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You may read this article first:

I, as fashion conscious and fabulous, MUST allow myself to reserve the right to disagree somewhat with what is SUPPOSEDLY the "last cry" according to other fashion sites here on the internet.

Look, for example, at this picture:

OMG. The color is deadly boring, and the trousers go up way too high! This looks completely dusty!? The brown mountain shoes don't fit at all either. In my opinion, this designer should have wiped EVERYTHING and started over. Preferably after sending ME an email. I could tell him or her EXACTLY what is IN and TRENDY right now.

Next fashion critique:

OK. A "MAN-PURSE" IS a bit trendy and in the wind right now, but this looks more like part of a leather sofa than a man-purse! The striped "suit" in SCREAMING colors and DISTURBING checkered and messy patterns should NEVER have seen the light of day. Not to mention the scarf. Omg. First of all, it is WAY too big! And a MAN who wears a scarf INSIDE must be a bit squeamish and prone to freezing. What stands out here is the FIERCE look (yes, here the model has obviously read Kjartan's fashion blog) but the MOUTH should have been even more pouty. Tsk tsk

Furthermore, here we see an example of a model who clearly has NOT read this blog:

Here the model has chosen to only stand straight up and down. Here, the picture could have been SAVED by, for example, having your hands on your hips and putting your bottom a little to the side or something. Preferably to the left (or right). The poutymouth is COMPLETELY absent. Dear oh dear. I get WORRIED about the future of fashion.

LUCKILY there are some bright spots too:

David Beckham with a rather TRENDY man purse. It might be a little too big. But the HAT is nice and sits well on the head. Here, David has clearly been inspired by my previous posts. It's GOOD that someone follows along. But. I have to say that apart from the hat and bag, this outfit looks rather lacklusterish.

Here I show how it CAN (and should) be done:

FABULOUS and TRENDY purple/blue colors (as I'm color blind this is a bit of a guess) and COOL rag socks that enhance an already MASCULINE and FIERCE expression. Here I STRIKE A FAB POSE too, with a PERFECT pouty mouth. I rest my case.

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