👈 Post # 13 👉

As you, my dear fashion-obsessed friends, probably already know, sometimes you HAVE to come up with something COMPLETELY NEW. I did THAT today. By combining various garments, colors and expressions that really emphasize MY personality, I came up with this FABULOUS outfit that is GUARANTEED to make a trained fashion eye cry with joy. I almost have to be allowed to say it myself: WOW

I would also like to be allowed to direct attention to the yellow and red rag socks (which are actually submitted by Shalin, a fabulous and TRENDY reader of the fashion blog)

By consciously choosing the RIGHT ACCESSORY - i.e. the EDGY sunglasses - you get an immediate YOUTHFUL and FIERCE look.

As previously mentioned here in the fashion blog, a POUTY MOUTH is always sexy. My recommendation is to do this as often as possible when taking fashion photos. Then you ALWAYS get a TRENDY ATTITUDE in the picture.

Obviously, this outfit also works FABULOUS from behind. Fashion tip: If you wonder how an outfit looks from the side or the back, a MIRROR is a very good aid. If you have a mirror, you can turn your body and thus see how the outfit you are wearing looks from different angles.

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