👈 Innlegg # 12 👉

Just today I chose a somewhat EDGY MOVE of COMBINING previously shown garments with OTHER previously shown garments. The well-known sexy blue jacket, but THIS time - with the STRIPED sweatpants! Yes, this is REALLY edgy. The well-trained fashion eye will probably also quickly discover that this time I chose to wear TWO gloves. One for each hand. I KNOW it's IN with just one glove, but this day it was so freaking cold that I ACTUALLY HAD TO STOP FOLLOWING THE FASHION... oh dear. But when if your fingers are cold... anyway this will hopefully NEVER happen again. LUCKILY I chose to wear DIFFERENT types and colors of the gloves, so that the asymmetric high couture edgy expression doesn't disappear completely.

Here you can see even more clearly that there are many hours of creative thinking involved in coming up with combining this particular outfit in this particular way.

This LOOK obviously works GREAT when you see me from behind too. The edgy Joker plastic bag works here as an ACCESSORY that helps to emphasize this slightly everyday but still JAW DROPPING GORGEOUS outfit.

Dogs wear a MINIMUM of clothes. But in my opinion, this edgy fashion strategy doesn't work as well for us humans. And if it's -20 degrees outside, this strategy can be downright dangerous.

Lastly, I show how a SEXY walk can make ALL the difference. Fortunately, I have very good experience with the CATWALK, which everyone can probably see from this picture.

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