👈 Post # 11 👉

Sometimes certain outfits can be TOO manly. This knitted wool sweater literally SMELLS testosterone. (This is of course also reinforced by my extremely TRAINED and SEXY body.)

"Hm, is it possible to do something about it" I thought. Yes indeed dear readers, you can actually do that. You can SOFTEN the manly hard look with some "soft" accessories. In this case, in the form of some cuddly animals.

Quite immediately you see that the cozy animals SOFTEN the expression of the outfit so that the extreme manlyness is toned down somewhat.

If you remove the animals, you see that the extremely manly expression pops up again fairly immediately. There are MANY more different ACCESSORIES one can use to TUNE or (as I did in this particular case) MODERATE a FIERCE outfit. More on this fascinating topic will come in later posts.

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