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Most of us HAVE hair. Both here and there. In this post, I thought I would focus mainly on the hair we have on top of the head itself. YES - we have HAIRDRESSERS who cut and arrange, but IS IT POSSIBLE to get FABULOUS hair all by yourself? YES! It is. Sometimes you don't even need to use a comb or brush. You just wake up WITH fabulous hair.

OK - I KNOW that you, my FAB readers, can IMMEDIATELY see that this EDGY "DO" (referring to the English word "hair-do") of course took HOURS to achieve. Many of you will probably immediately think that it is (my good friend) JAN-THOMAS who has been on the move. But amazingly enough: This FAB DO - I arranged MYSELF. Only used curling iron and straightener + a couple of brushes and some hair gel! It should probably also be mentioned here that if you YOURSELF think about doing something like this, it CAN go WRONG. Such high fashion hairstyles SHOULD be left to professionals. (such as Jan Thomas or me)

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