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LIGHT is important (to get fab fashion photos)

To bring out colours, edgy details and flattering lines in fashion photos, it is ESSENTIAL to have LOTS of LIGHT. A good example of a good light source can be a LAMP.

Here is an example of what can happen if you take fab fashion photos in poor light:


The outfit is both EDGY, FAB AND FIERCE. But due to poor lighting, the ULTRA sexy details do not come out properly. THINK how FABULOUS this picture would have been in GOOD LIGHT you guys.


Here you can see BARELY that I'm "striking a fab pose" but yet AGAIN, the EDGY details don't get their due.

"HEADSHOTS" suffers the same fate. Here you can only just see that I have a real FIERCE LOOK and that I have spent HOURS powdering my face and combing my hair to get the EXACTLY right LOOK, but the result is simply NOT as good as it COULD have been. IF you had turned on a LAMP - BEFORE you took the picture, of course the result would have been AMAZING.

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