👈 Post # 8 👉

Another WONDERFUL day in a hectic fashion world where you do your best to be FIERCE and EDGY both in expression and outfit.

First a (too?) SEXY picture of me in a light colored CHIFFON bathrobe from Dolce & Gabanna. Here, all you have to do is ENJOY the elegant cut and the strolling but FIERCE gait. Here you can CLEARLY see that this flattering person (me) is NOT unfamiliar with the runway.

Here I have put on a jacket with YOUTHFUL and SYMMETRICAL lines and seams that go PERFECTLY with the striped tights. The black beanie literally SPAKLES with ATTITUDE and FIERCENESS. EYE-CANDY indeed.

This FAB blue jacket is BRAND NEW. I got it from my mother. LUCKILY she is ALSO very fashion conscious and has an EDGY eye for detail. The insanely sexy baggy trousers were chosen on the basis of the slightly darker blue colour, which COMPLEMENTS the slightly lighter blue jacket. You can also notice that I'm only wearing ONE glove here. This is a NEW TREND that I think is coming FULLY to Norway soon. In the fashion cities of Paris and Milan, this is already old news, of course.

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