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The (sometimes) slightly awkward SKYPE call.

The date was a HUGE success! After watching 5 seasons of TOP MODEL and PROJECT RUNWAY (which I had recorded), the lady had to go home - due to a headache. But NOW - after a few days, when you try to contact the lady again (repeatedly) through SKYPE, you have to look as GOOD as possible through the camera.

There are many pitfalls here. One might think: "Doesn't matter what I'm wearing, she only sees my head anyway"... WRONG! You actually very often see a lot of the sweater UNDER the head TOO.

So BE SURE that sweater looks FABULOUS.

Here, the trained fashion eye immediately sees that I am wearing the SAME sweater that I HAVE worn in previous posts in the fashion blog. This is of course a CONSCIOUS choice. Most ladies HIGHLY value being NATURAL and not FUSSING AROUND about anything. So here I have COMPLIED with the lady's choice NOT to fuss around. (too much)

Ladies LOVE that you are NATURAL (and don't fuss around too much), so you can wear the SAME sweater for WEEKS on end without it bothering her at all.

To emphasize that you actually ARE both EDGY and SEXY (and that you care about how you look), you can make a POUTY MOUTH. Then the lady immediately understands that she is talking to a FIERCE and TRENDY man whom she will GUARANTEED want to meet again.

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