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Dear readers. In this post, we take the PULSE of FASHION NORWAY, and bang with fresh and TRENDY photos from Olso Fashion week. This will be exciting ! (AND fabulous)

ON THE CATWALK: Here is "Farmen" Maiken on the catwalk for Tom Wood. Photo: Indigital Images/Oslo Runway

On the catwalk we see a dark and austere collection with clean lines, in colors such as black, dark green and grey. And almost no yellow or pink. The clothes have trendy, exciting details and use of materials that lift something to an even higher level sort of.

Here I must honestly admit that my sharp fashion sense is TRIGGERED. These are APPEALING lines and TRUE HAUTE COUTURE. Congratulations go to my good friend (and apprentice) designer Helje Hamre who has actually managed to sew together dresses and trousers for WOMEN, even though he is a MAN!? This is GOOD Helje. Could almost not have done it better myself.

Fairly immediately you can see that the quality of materials and the same dark colors make the overall impression appear very SOPHISTICATED - but still quite COOL in a weird way. In the picture on the right, you see a model who has OBVIOUSLY read my fashion tips about the importance of a FIERCE look. Good !

HalleLUJAH you. Fashion Norway is clearly facing a BRIGHT future! And yes - you are probably thinking that this fashion blog has something to do with it. I think so too.

A tiny criticism at the end - The models would have EMPHASIZED the fabulous and trendy expression in the clothes EVEN more if they had made a POUTYFACE while walking on the catwalk.

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