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Being "always busy" is IMPORTANT.

Fashionable people are often busy with many different things. They usually always have something "going on" and are ALWAYS on their way to something glamorous and exciting. It could be a film premiere or an art exhibition - or simply a fashion show. Of course, this also applies to yours truly.

Here I am again fierce and fabulous at full speed out into the car to get the cigarettes that I had forgotten. As always, I took PLENTY of time to find just the right LOOK before heading out.

Just today I didn't meet anyone, but if there had been someone there, they would probably have been very impressed by both the composition of garments and the colorful details in this FABULOUS outfit.

Not many hours later I was up and about AGAIN. In my hectic fashion life there is never a quiet second. This time I went to the store to shop.

Here you immediately see that the dog Lady is impressed by both the outfit and the walk.

As always, the outfit also works FAB when seen from behind.

Or from the side. (The dog Sweep is also blown away and thinks this is EYE-CANDY indeed)

And not least from the front.

As I said, I am ALWAYS in a hurry, so here I come back from the shopping trip like a breeze.
And here you can clearly see ALL the details. The gray FIERCE hat, the not-too-tight but still SUPERTRENDY blue jacket and not least the EDGY boots with fashionable tape on them.

If you have developed a sense of fashion, it is EASY to look glamorous and TRENDY - no matter what kind of exciting activity you embark on.

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