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As you probably remember, dear readers, I have previously blogged that it is perfectly fine to wear the same outfit for a long time. (as long as it's really fabulous)

BUT. It is also important to RENEW yourself. Preferably with a COMPLETELY NEW outfit, or that you vary a little. In the picture below, I have done exactly that. In the previous post, I wore a gray hat and the trendy tape boots. HERE, on the other hand, I have RENEWED the outfit by wearing an EDGY black hat and last scream ski boots.

Quite immediately you see that the EXPRESSION of the outfit has COMPLETELY changed character.

Here I have CONTINUED and DEVELOPED the variation of using ONE glove (as previously mentioned in the blog, this is now probably the trend in Milan and Paris). In addition, I STRIKE A FAB POSE (stand up in a sexy and cool way) and the continuation of the variation is perfect:

One can also further vary the expression by CHANGING the pose. (In this case by lifting one foot in a completely different way than in the previous photo) - So remember this Dear Readers: VARIATION and RENEWAL can take an already trendy LOOK to new and UNKNOWN heights.

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