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Yep! MTV Music Video Awards. Who is better suited than music's superstars to show off the latest, coolest and flashiest? As always, there was a lot of EYE-CANDY and cutting-edge stuff, but also old-fashioned and whimsical things on the red carpet - this will be fun!

We begin with Lizzo in what at first glance looks like a DUVET:

Well, what do you think? Me too! What the hell.

The duvet has a nice colour, and luckily the lipstick MATCHES the duvet. Fortunately, the ring in the lower lip is in the MIDDLE, not further out to the side, so that's good. The rings in the ears are quite large - so it was a bit edgy. Yep - good stuff here. But when she was going up on stage to receive the award for best music video, on the other hand, she must have had some kind of fashion brain haemorrhage:

Oh. My. God.
We all remember Madonna's fashion brain hemorrhage from the 80s:

The fact that Lizzo was inspired by something that was already DOWNRIGHT HIDEOUS attests to a very questionable sense of fashion.

Somewhat better:

Lil Nas X (where do people get these silly artist names from, I wonder?) had by far the biggest headdress of the evening. Or was there a slight miscommunication? :

Iman turned up in the SAME outfit - just in a different colour. Oh dear. Here, the artists have clearly not spoken to each other in advance - a FASHION-FAUX-PAS (fashion mistake) of epic dimensions!

Here I feel it is appropriate to mention that I, the Rambo of fashion, must lead by example and show how it CAN be done. I have been a ROCK LEGEND of universal proportions since the early 90s, and here I show you, dear readers, how it can (and should) be done:

I know - here it's AVANT GARDE all over the place. Most other rock bands at this time wore "stage attire" with denim pants and a black t-shirt. NOT yours truly:

Light, baggy (but sexy) long and side-hugging JUMPER and LIGHT fabric trousers were IN in the 90s. And who introduced this FIERCE and FAB trend? - Hmm.

The outfit literally SCREAMS Rock n roll:

Imagine if I had been on the red carpet at the MTV awards. People would probably be drooling.

The whole concert:

But enough about me! Fortunately, I have learned to be humble.

Now on to the SEXY FAB: Taylor Swift ROCKS this dress!

Can't see any underwear being used either - this is a COOL trend that I feel MANY MORE girls and ladies should pick up!

Can't see any underwear being used here either:


Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie and Rosé in the group Blackpink rocking the pitch black:

Here we have ladies who just "got it" (especially she on the far right - wow) and let's hope they have also followed the new and FAB trend of zero underwear.

Clearly inspired by me: J Balvin

Ever since I introduced BRIGHT colors in the 90s, people have been following suit, GOOD.

Unfortunately, maneskin is still stuck in old fashion trends:

Since they have such good music, they must be forgiven. But imagine if the vocalist had copied my light beige color palette from the 90s... Mmhm.

Avril Lavigne:

Cool HAIR! Otherwise, this outfit is a bit BAGGY. Look at the long trousers - it must be difficult to walk. Strange that she didn't notice this until she (probably) tripped over the red carpet.

Khalid in pajamas from Versace:


Stay tuned for more fashion material throughout the autumn, when it's time again for rain jackets (preferably blue) and various jogging bottoms.

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