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HAUTE COUTURE fashion week in Paris is underway and HEATING UP! Kylie Jenner sat in the front row with a creation from the fashion house Schiaparelli. The dress had a huge lion's head in the middle!

And a little later on the catwalk came THIS creation:

Now the criticism from fans and Instagram followers is like RAIN. Here are some comments:

"This makes me absolutely sick," reads a comment under the photo of Jenner.

"We must stop presenting animals as luxury products. (...) Their beauty lies in their lives, their evolutionary history. Not walking up and down a catwalk. Inspiration is powerful, and this is not good inspiration.

"This is highly inappropriate. Prop or not, this should never have been designed"

"Whether it's fake or not, this is not a good choice... Very wrong"

"How is it possible not to realize that this is not good?! There may not have been any animals harmed when they made this, but showing them will definitely have consequences that will do harm. This is the same as glorifying and normalizing poaching and trophy hunting of these magnificent animals"

Despite the criticism, I think that since this is Haute Couture itself/the latest scream from Paris, it MUST be good stuff.

But I, the leading champion of fashion, chooses another variant, with LIVE animals instead of dead ones: Like this:

Of course, the outfit works just as well from the side:

I COULD have brought a dog too, but it was too heavy to lift.

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