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There was ACTION in Paris fashion week! Breathtaking HAUTE COUTURE mixed with HIGH FASHION. Edgy new designs and wonderfully bright colors that were a feast for the eyes. And not only that, the catwalk was STORMED by a protester!

But before we unleash all these controversies, we take a look at our own Renate Reinsve who has become the wold of fashions new favorite after her acting performance in the film "The World's Worst Man". She has been dressed by several luxury fashion houses after the film's grand premiere in Cannes.

Here Renate poses in a FABULOUS outfit from chief designer Nicolas Ghesquiere.

Here I particularly notice the jacket with the deep blue color with WHITE pockets. The way too short sweatpants are somewhat puzzling to me.

In the picture below, they have clearly made some AVANT GARDE glasses? I wear glasses myself, so next time I'm at specsavers I'm going to get them! Edgy indeed!

Wild and EDGY glasses are clearly the LATEST CRY in Paris:

Wonderful high fashion! There is also something to learn here when it comes to footwear. I have actually NOT seen these FIERCE sandal boots before. The dress is nicely draped on the upper body, but then SUDDENLY something comes out on the sides. Gosh. Paris really is where everything "IS HAPPENING" (where it happens).

And then, dear reader - DRAMA !
At the same time as a number of fresh Louis Vuitton garments come down the catwalk, an unexpected guest appears! In the middle of the show, there is a lady who manages to get onto the catwalk and starts a protest!

The woman held a large flag with the text "overconsumption = extinction". According to Reuters, the woman is part of the group "Amis de la Terre France - Youth for Climate and Extinction Rebellion".

WAS THROWN OUT: A man arrives and apparently WRAPS the lady in her own flag! Fashion drama in Paris!

Fortunately, professional models do not allow themselves to be affected by this whimsical packaging project.

INTERRUPTED: The protest and the wrapping were quickly interrupted by security guards.

Yes. High drama! But luckily, NO outfits were wrinkled or ruined during this scandalous act (apart from the lady's flag). THANK GOD!

Enough about that ! Let's jump back on this fashion journey and check out MORE of the HOTTEST and NEWEST.

TRENDY trends from the 90s have really dominated the fashion scene recently, and if we are to believe designers like Miu Miu, we are only just getting started:

Yes - It IS a lady, in BOY'S CLOTHES!? EVERYTHING is turned upside down in Paris. Maybe they drank too much champagne. Anyway - a FOLDABLE TENT (?) is clearly what you SHOULD have with you in Paris right now.


THE MINI SKIRT IS BACK! Hallelujah! Miniskirts are, as we all know, a SEXY and ULTRA FIERCE garment, which I think MANY more ladies should wear. You can also show off your stomach. But exactly THAT you should perhaps be a little careful with, especially if you have a huge beer belly, for example. It MAY also be a cross of thought now late in October that this could possibly be a slightly cold outfit if you are, for example, on a mountain trip. But pooh - everything for fashion! 🤘

Green is cool:

Green from head to toe! Green trouser suit, AND green old farmers head-dress, holy moley. I never expected that THAT would make a COMEBACK now in 2021. But this just goes to show that fashion is CHANGING and WONDERFUL. You NEVER know what will suddenly be POP from one second to the next in a hectic and glamorous fashion world.

Fortunately for you dear reader, I live in that world.
I am paying attention.

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