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W T F ?

Dear readers, I just read a VERY strange article on the website "Min Mote". Click on the link to read it: FASHION SITE: THIS IS FASHION NORWAY'S MOST POWERFUL

The Holzweiler gang (that no one has heard of

What the hell. ? According to the article, it must have been Jenny Skavlan who won last year - And I can understand THAT, she is both EDGY and FIERCE and not least incredibly talented as a judge in my favorite program (right after Top Model and Project Runway) "The Sewing Championship" on NRK.

But these "holzweiler" people are completely unknown, and judging by the picture, they don't spend more than the top 10 minutes choosing an outfit, and all MY readers know that is WAY too little.

What was REALLY COMPLETELY incomprehensible on the other hand - was that MY name is NOT mentioned ANYWHERE on this "list of Fashion-Norway's Most Powerful" ???

You would think that I was at least among the top three - but NO. I'M NOT INVOLVED AT ALL:

1. Andreas, Maria and Susanne Holzweiler

2. Rawdah Mohamed

3. Jenny Skavlan

4. Varner-familien

5. Mari Hektoen

6. Anett Ringstad

7. Mona Jensen and Morten Isachsen at Tom Wood

8. Celine Aagaard

9. Ragnhild Brochmann

10. Kine B. Hartz

11. Amar Faiz

12. Petra Middelthon

13. Ceval Omar

14. Ditte Kristensen

15. Camilla Pihl

I was very disappointed by this.
(And a little pissed off)

I just have to assume that there is a lot of IGNORANCE around in Fashion Norway. And that is probably exactly WHERE it is. After all, NORWAY is a tiny country both in terms of population and fashion influence. So I reserve the right to assume that I - Kjartan Osmundsen is a "HOUSE-HOLD-NAME" (very well-known name) in fashion circles that really MEAN something, such as in London, Milan, Paris and Rome.

Finally, I include my OWN selection of "FASHION-NORWAY'S MOST POWERFUL" and this is what it looks like:

1. Jan Thomas

2. Kjartan Osmundsen (Kjartans fashion-blogg)

3. Jenny Skavlan

Notice that I have NOT put my own name first, one has to have a little humility and I don't suffer from any megalomaniac madness, but reason and the TRUTH have to emerge from time to time.

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