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The "dos and donts".

I HAVE already shown how to ROCK the catwalk (runway) in post27. But there are INFINITELY many mistakes that can be made here, so in this important post I want to shed light on these mistakes, and how to avoid them.

Mistake #1
Just standing there. Here you DO get to show off the outfit, but in a somewhat boring way. It would have been more exciting and MUCH more edgy if you had MOVED. If the audience sits far from the model, they won't SEE much of the outfit either: (if they don't have binoculars)

Mistake # 2
By sitting in a chair, many of the same mistakes mentioned before will also apply. In this way, EVEN less of the outfit will be shown:

Mistake #3
Standing behind the corner of a house. If you stand behind a house wall, almost NOTHING of the outfit will show. This mistake is IMPORTANT not to make:

Mistake #4
To be drunk.
It is, of course, quite common to drink large amounts of alcohol when you are high up in the fashion world and the models are served champagne at any time, as they should. BUT, if you drink yourself to shit, this WILL affect your walking on the catwalk...

So WHAT IS the right way?
Here there are many things to remember:
The actual walking. Here are some basic rules:
- Go forward, don't wander from side to side.
- Take one step at a time, don't hobble or jump.
- When you get to THE TURN, stand there for a while and look FABULOUS and make a POUTY FACE!
- Just before walking off the catwalk, feel free to turn around and try to look as FIERCE as possible, and DO NOT flip your finger or tongue at the audience.
Watch and learn:

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