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A fashionable and fierce WALK is ESSENTIAL when you want to SHOW OFF the new fashion outfit. We've all seen these gorgeous tall and thin models gliding down the catwalk like an Amazon with a pouty face and a FIERCE look. In this blog post I show you how it is done.

Fierce Fashion Video No. 1:

I know. Some of us have just "GOT IT". Fortunately, I am one of them. But (almost) anyone can pull off a COOL and AVANT GARDE catwalk if they just copy what I do. In the next video you can notice that I have added some cool music which helps to highlight the EDGY atmosphere.
Fierce Fashion Video No. 2:

In the next video, I show that standing for a long time on "THE TURN" (i.e. when you reach the end of the runway (catwalk)) can be effective in bringing out an edgy ATTITUDE in the expression.
Fierce Fashion Video nr 3:

Finally, I include a video showing the edgy walk from the side.
Fierce Fashion Video No. 4:

NOW dear readers, you have learned a lot about showing off the expression in an outfit, with the help of a FIERCE and SEXY walk. Until next time - Be FAB! :-)

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