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Something completely NEW.

I sometimes feel like fashion is STAGNATING.
Yes, you can wear hats and trousers and jackets in different colours. But what if you don't HAVE any?

THEN you can do something NEW with already existing garments!

I, the RAMBO of the fashion world, have yet AGAIN come up with something completely NEW and, not least, EXCITING Haute Couture:

You usually HAVE trousers, don't you? TURN YOUR POCKETS OUT!

IMMEDIATELY, you have created a COMPLETELY different expression in the outfit than before you turned the pockets.
You're not used to seeing pockets, so LET THEM HANG OUT!

After the pockets on the trousers have been turned inside out, they will be thrown around. And exactly this is ESSENTIAL (important).
BEFORE, the pockets were INSIDE the trousers. NOW, however, they are OUTSIDE the pants. This is BRAND NEW dear readers.

If you take a TWIRL (flip around) you will IMMEDIATELY see that the pockets swing WITH. So that the movement you have just made causes the outfit (trouser pockets) to swing WITH you in a lovely symbiotic TOGETHERNESS.

In the future, I expect to see most fashion-conscious people STRUTTING down Karl Johans street with their pockets out. But preferably also in Milan, Nice, Rome, London and Paris.

TRENDS. Are something you CREATE dear readers.

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