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My old boots were ripe for replacement. So I got COMPLETELY new ones from my mother. They cost NOK 299 in XXL. And it was actually pretty cheap, right? This proves that you can find COOL, FAB, and TRENDY clothes ANYWHERE. You don't always have to shop in Milan or Paris.

In the picture below I STRIKE A FAB POSE to really emphasize the MACHO and OUTDOORSY (outdoors-like) MANLY and SEXY expression in the boots.

The boots seem waterproof. Which is GREAT if you were to step in a puddle. If they weren't waterproof, your feet would get wet. Seen from the side, you immediately see that the boots can be used in all kinds of situations and events. Preferably also on the catwalk:

In the picture below you can see all the flattering details and not least the FABULOUS green color which I think is at FULL SPEED into most fashion houses right now. Please also notice that there is a STRIPE in the middle with a slightly lighter green colour, while a little further up, on the sides, there is a slightly darker green colour.

Now all I have to do is LOOK FORWARD to the next glamorous event I'm invited to shine at! These boots are GUARANTEED to "TURN SOME HEADS".

So remember, dear readers, that if life should be a bit sad and boring, you can ALWAYS buy something NEW (retail therapy). And before you know it, you're back IN THE GLAM :-) (back in the glamour)

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