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NEWLY DISCOVERED fashion in Hardanger!

As a fashion blogger it is important to travel around the world and find the very latest and best in Haute Couture but also to find the very latest in SEXY and FAB and completely NEW fashions. (which you didn't know existed until you kind of saw it)

This Sunday, exactly that happened. While I was having a cozy barbecue/beer and an overnight visit to my old colleague and friend Bentuten (storglede.no) - then NEW fashion just suddenly strolled into the kitchen:

My very well-trained fashion eye would probably describe this outfit as a cross between a one-piece pyjama, a cuddly blanket and an animal costume and my fashion sense was immediately triggered. The cut, the colors and the cozy fabric of the outfit gave me a "sense" that here we have a person (named Steinar) who absolutely "gets it". This is NEW fashion, dear readers!

When you wear such a new-fashioned outfit, you naturally become both proud and happy, which the smile in the picture above undeniably proves.
Steinar has created fashion history here.
Please also pay special attention to the TASSELS that come down from the head part of the outfit, which in a fabulous way HIGHLIGHTS the already soft fabric of the outfit.

DELICIOUS to discover NEW fashion. Also in Norway you guys!

Finally, a fab AND fierce fashion shot of myself where I SHOW OFF an outfit I spent hours composing:

I think this jacket is green (I'm colorblind), along with the black pants?! hmmm. It just goes so crazy well together. - FASHION. Is like LIFE. Also, it's FUN to feel FIERCE. (and fabulous)

Fashion is obviously "alive and well" - even here in Norway! Hallelujah.

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