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When you want to IMPRESS!

Today I was going to the store to shop, so I needed something that had a high GLAMOR factor, and that would "TURN HEADS". I SUCCEEDED! Green jacket, relatively long, but not TOO long - just right for a pair of black sweatpants from the brand ENDURANCE (which I think is very popular in Paris right now).
On my head I have a gray hat which helps to reinforce the slightly solemn and glamorous look. It's not every day I'm at the store, so it was important to "make a statement" (show that you WANT something with the outfit).

Seen from the side, you can see that the "ON THE GO" factor is high. You SEE that here is a stylish and EDGY person who has dressed up and is going out on something exciting and glamorous.

A trained fashion eye with an eye for detail will also notice the orange t-shirt that I am wearing UNDER the jacket. This is to SPICE it all up with something EVEN more eye-catching. The fashionable CUT and STITCHING of the jacket is also very noticeable here:

You immediately see that the glamor factor is "SPOT-ON".

When you look SO cool and fabulous, you can take a few laps on the CATWALK. Here I also experiment with a couple of new and INNOVATIVE MOVES (ways and steps). Towards the end of the video, you can notice that small OUTBREAKS to both the right and left can be a FIERCE and not least SEXY tool:

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