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When you want to IMPRESS EVEN more!

Today I was AGAIN going to the store to shop. So I thought: HOW can I impress random customers / passers-by EVEN more than last time? My creative fashion brain found the answer almost immediately. I replaced the gray hat with a BLUE one. By going for this fierce solution, I didn't have to change OTHER garments. Actually I am using EXACTLY the same outfit as in the previous blog entry. ONLY the cap has been replaced. HOWEVER, BRAND NEW LIFE has been breathed into an already FABULOUS and trendy and EDGY outfit. Yes. This IS brilliant, and it really emphasizes that some people (especially me) are naturally born with a sense of fashion that surpasses most.

The "ON THE GO" (on the move) - factor is just as high as last time (if not even more) with a blue hat. I also think that the orange sole at the very bottom of the shoes complements the blue hat and the green jacket in a very EDGY way. On the move "YET AGAIN" (again).

The ingenious choice of the blue cap just WORKS so well that here it is in its place with a FIERCE "HEAD-SHOT" (image of head). Oooh. "EYE-CANDY" (so good to look at it's like eating candy):

We also include ANOTHER fierce catwalk video with the cool and trendy "MOVES" (sexy movements) that "WOWS" (shows off) the slinky new outfit with the cool blue hat. Here too I use and DEVELOP the EDGY bodyswings to the left and right from the previous post:

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