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Dear readers, today is about AVANT GARDE. The hottest and wildest of all. Preferably something you haven't seen before at all. HOW am I going to achieve something groundbreaking? With my flair for fashion - no problem.
I thought: I already HAVE a FIERCE garment. Green FAB jacket, black "in time" trousers, and EDGY green boots. So I SPLIT UP the whole look with an ORANGE hat. But that's not enough. I also used ACCESSORIES: a COOL and VINTAGE wooden stick. I can guarantee this has NEVER been seen on a catwalk before EVER.

The wooden stick PLUS the good old but forever EDGY "one glove trick" also adds a dimension of novelty and non-conformity.

Surely this outfit MUST be one of the most avant garde ever!? "Indeed" my fashion contacts in London would probably say.

We also include a couple of fierce catwalk videos with some avant garde MOVES:

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