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THE VERY latest trends!

To be COMPLETELY sure that I get the very latest and hottest fashion trends in the WORLD, I took a trip to the FASHION MECCA: LONDON! It is WHERE you see the very VERY latest/newest, the CUTTING EDGE STUFF. Of course I had HIGH expectations and was NOT disappointed, here there were heaps of HAUTE COUTURE (high fashion) indeed!

Join us on a journey into fashion's latest scream: We begin this post with an EDGY gay couple who, in a truly EDGY way, COMBINE and COMPLEMENT each other's outfits:

I was BLOWN AWAY by this!
MAN PURSE, shoes, cool/trendy jackets and not least the play of colors in the hats they wear really warm an edgy fashion heart indeed! (I use the word "indeed" quite a bit in this post because I was just in London, and they say it all the time, so THERE too I keep up with the times and also ABSORB the local culture, mindset and way of speaking in a trendy way)

In the next picture we see a slightly chubby but still TRENDY guy with an outfit that can be worn at any time - ALL year round: T-shirt and denim trousers - COMPLETELY in line with the times and ALWAYS FABULOUS!

EYE CANDY! The slightly darker blue color of the T-shirt versus the slightly lighter color of the jeans helps to show that this guy KNOWS what he's doing and has THOUGHT about it before going out for a walk that day. People in London HAVE "it". (sense of fashion indeed)


Also the OLDER generation in London is MUCH more EDGY than, for example, here in Norway. Just look at THIS:

LOVELY edgy shades of blue and green! And two or THREE handbags on the same arm!? The "Londoners" (people in London) are obviously also very strong and healthy IN ADDITION to ALWAYS following what is COOL, EDGY and FABULOUS.

Some of the slightly younger generation are still stuck in old and OUTDATED garments:

Tsk Tsk indeed.

But as I said, the OLD generation STILL amazes:

A trendy and edgy hat AND jacket combined with a FIERCE and "on the move" walk PROVES that at least the old people in London have got it!

Next picture... wow indeed ! :

Here everything is "SPOT ON" (everything is correct).
The HAT is FABULOUS! And the rest of the outfit is undoubtedly carefully composed down to the smallest detail. London KNOWS fashion

Jacket OUTSIDE of a dress! I would NEVER have thought of that. It's rare that I wear a dress since I'm a man, but IF I were a woman, I would have imitated this EDGY trend.


As always, "The Londoners" know how to create COMPLETELY new and edgy expressions in their outfits. In the picture above we see a guy with a SWEATER VEST. One might not think that this is so innovative, but obviously, if you have the vest on the OUTSIDE of a jersey - THEN it works! NEVER in my wildest dreams would I have come up with this either! WONDERFUL that "The Londoners" are so creative!

In the picture below, a lady is wearing a TRULY FABULOUS (really fantastic and cool) backpack but my trained fashion eye sees IMMEDIATELY what is a little WRONG... do you?? - The rucksack has caused the jumper/overgarment to go UP... The jumper should have been MUCH more defined UNDER the rucksack. But it is not. Had the lady looked in the mirror, she would probably have immediately discovered this "fashion faux pas" (fashion blunder) - fortunately the man on the left has not made this all-too-common mistake.

Here the rucksack is further up on the back so that (in his case) the shirt shows UNDER the rucksack. Thank God.

MORE EDGY FASHION: Yellow sweater and black skirt in LEATHER!:

With FRINGES (on the right part) WONDERFUL and AGAIN innovative EDGY fashion from a fashion conscious "Londoner".
The hat naturally helps to highlight the overall expression indeed.

Yellow top and black bottom are clearly in the wind now:

The yellow jacket may not be the last cry, but combined with black adidas sweatpants, it just WORKS!

Next picture: Amazingly, even I don't understand all the new trends (London is clearly WAY ahead of us here in Norway).
This weird green creation IS certainly both FAB and FIERCE, but I'm missing something here that highlights the contours of the body more:

But as said. It MAY be that EVERYONE will wear this outfit next year.

In any case, "The Londoners" are UNDOUBTEDLY more concerned with the EXPRESSION itself than with being practical:

This day it was 24 degrees in the shade, but this sweating lady STILL chose to wear a FAB pink winter jacket!
EVERYTHING for fashion!

For a trained fashion eye, it's always good to see that people are CONSCIOUS of the way they WALK. This TRENDY older couple has a both COOL and RELAXED way of SHOWING OFF the expression in their clothes.

Which comes out especially well because of the man's slung right (from his side) sexy hip "SWAGGER" (way to walk sexy).

But the youth of London IS ON THE TRACK of course: (although the older lady on the right might not agree)

Let's really LOOK at and ANALYZE this outfit: Cool/fab hat, ORANGE (a little too small?) jacket, denim pants and backpack. Yes, for a YOUNG person this seems EASY and FREE. It may well be that a pensioner would have chosen "another route" ;-) For my own part, I would NEVER have let the white shirt show UNDER the orange jacket...

Another proof that sometimes the old ones are the best:

The young man on the left looks like he's going to play golf. But I want to claim that NOBODY has any idea what the hell he on the right is up to. It could be ANYTHING. Bird-watching, walks with the dog, the theater or just lounging in the park. AGAIN, it turns out that the old people in London are EDGY both in expression and thought.

No one has ANY idea what these two are up to either:

Maybe the woman on the left will play the pan flute for money on the "tube"? (the underground) and maybe the woman on the right is going to expose herself in the park? NO ONE knows what the hell they're going to do based on their outfits. Exciting and EDGY!

Regardless, they are ALWAYS "on the go" - as all fashion-conscious people ALWAYS are:

Sometimes fashion-conscious Londoners walk so fast that the picture becomes "blurry".

In the next two photos, I have captured the latest fashion for people who ride bikes:

Okay? The latest bicycle helmet fashion in Norway is clearly COMPLETELY out of date. Now there should obviously NOT be a lot of colors or PATTERNS on the cycle helmets, they should be ONE COLOR and completely tight. Now we know.

This guy in the park has NOT caught on to the latest bike-helmet fashion, but he makes up for it INGENIOUSLY with a FABULOUS blue jacket and skinny, darker blue sweatpants. As mentioned before, fashionable people are ALWAYS on the go.

LUCKILY there is obviously SOMEONE in London who reads this fashion blog.
This CLEARLY fashion-conscious man wears an outfit that highlights both MASCULINE and FEMININE qualities:

EYE-CANDY indeed.
When I introduced myself as Kjartan himself from "Kjartan's Fashion Blog", he was MORE than willing to pose in front of the camera. He was both polite and helpful because he WANTED the world to see and take part in fashion history-in-the-making (fashion history WHILE it's happening). (Sometimes it helps to have a world famous fashion blog! he probably wouldn't pose like that for just anyone)

Another example of the elderly in London being both FIERCE and FAB:

HEADSCARFS are clearly "IN" in London.
AND pantyhoses. Here you just have to follow and ABSORB the trends as best you can.

Hold on tight! Here comes the absolute LAST SCREAM of the latest in women's fashion INDEED:

Pink hat, and a black VERY short dress and some kind of fishnet stockings WITH suspenders are clearly in the air right now. Combined with sneakers, this is obviously HOT in London. I was (un)happily unaware of this until now. THANK GOD that from NOW on we can try to strive after achieving this unique FABULOUS expression.

Last but not least. The LATEST in men's fashion:

It seemed a little strange to me at first glance, but EVERYWHERE in London I saw men with YELLOW jackets AND trousers. Obviously, this is the LATEST fad RIGHT now.

"THE LOOK SCREAMS HAUTE COUTURE" (high-quality fashion) and APPARENTLY THIS is exactly the very latest cry in London right now - at least when it comes to MENS FASHION. So I gotta get this

And THAT is what I did:

Dear readers, you can safely sleep WELL at night knowing that I will always be AWAKE and TIMELY and "ON POINT" and take the pulse of ALL the new and "The edgy cool" which is happening around in a frenzied fashion jungle.

Already looking forward to the next London trip where I will once again embark on the very latest in fashion, design and BEING FABULOUS.

New post comes when you least expect it.
A nice evening indeed is wished upon all my edgy readers.

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