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Hats. Has been used by fashionable people for a long time. In this week's post, I thought I would focus on this particular garment, which is mostly worn on top of the head itself. In these three pictures below you see a selection of hat-wearers who obviously have NOT understood what INNOVATIVE means (at all). You have quite simply seen this BEFORE:

LUCKILY for all readers of this blog, I found a WOW-FACTOR and EDGY hat in the woods quite by accident. Heheh! Nope. (it was just a fashion joke) Of course I found this one in Paris. Paid 1400 euros for it. This may sound a bit expensive, but of course it is NOT when you FINALLY find a headpiece that enhances your own facial features so EXCELLENTLY. (Genuine Yves Rocher) This hat PERSONALIZES Haute Couture: (as anyone with even a modicum of fashion sense can see immediately)

OK, you might be thinking: "The kind of hat you wear in a job where you are on a construction site". Oh dear. THEN you immediately reveal a TERRIBLE fashion sense. So: "Tsk tsk", if you thought that. I think this hat is a secret collaboration project between Yves Rocher, Pierre Robert and Chanel. The trained fashion eye will instantly recognize the old and true (for us fashion-conscious) well-known lines from each designer.

In the next photo session, I specifically chose an (apparently) "normal" hat (which, by the way, can be easily bought both in London and Paris) UNDER the edgy Yves Rocher hat. This particular decision is obviously VERY innovative AND FIERCE. EVERYONE can obviously see at once that this is SEXY. But maybe ONLY those with a fashion background will say it's brilliant.

Fashion-conscious dogs can also dress up a bit with a hat. Or as in this case, a beanie.

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