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Go on a happy hike! There is NO reason to not have a little think before you go out on a walk in the woods and fields. IF you happen to meet someone - they will GUARANTEED appreciate some "eye-candy" all of a sudden out in the woods or on a mountain.

I, as you know, am VERY fashion-conscious so I spent quite a few hours finding just the right LOOK before I set out for a hike today. After pondering for a LONG time, I found that just today, I choose the black jumper with LONDON on the front. London is very well known to us EDGY people as a TRENDY and "in" place, so almost immediately after I saw it, I thought: "OMG. Mmm HM, I choose it."

The hat has a kind of upwards tip, and that is of course VERY cool. (AND edgy) OK, I COULD have chosen a hat with an EVEN more edgy color, but I couldn't find one. In any case, you can see right away that this hat WORKS. It HIGHLIGHTS my slightly androgynous face in a subdued yet SEXY way.

Let's imagine this outfit being shown on a RUNWAY. You are "on the move" and you have, as it were, just "thrown on" something or other. THIS is EXACTLY how this outfit works, but of course, such an EDGY LOOK doesn't come easily.

I decorated the BOOTS with duct tape. (!? You think?) This is where my AVANT GARDE fashion sense REALLY comes into its own! WHY wear boots that are just green and boring? So I therefore chose a VERY edgy MOVE of carefully gluing on tape in a delicate and asymmetrical way that I knew other fashion-interested people would appreciate.

It's DELICIOUS to be out for a walk when you KNOW you look FABULOUS :-)

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