👈 Post # 2 👉

Just today something quite AMAZING happened on the fashion front. Woke up. Fell out into the dressing room and took the first and best jumper in the cupboard. All of a sudden I walked past the mirror... And it was actually EXACTLY at THAT moment that I suddenly noticed that this particular jumper made me look COMPLETELY GAY. COOL I thought. Gay people are KNOWN for being well dressed and fashion conscious. My relatively random choice of this particular jumper just today turned out to be a FABULOUS HIT!

Below the waist you can also see that there are many STYLISH and YOUTHFUL details. There is a (strategically placed) HOLE in one sock so that you can "accidentally" show some SEXY SKIN. The fact that the SECOND sock is of a DIFFERENT type than the FIRST is of course also a CONSCIOUS and EDGY/SEXY choice (which I thought about for a very long time - and was very happy with). The eye is also immediately drawn to the relatively wide white STRIPE on the sweatpants, which also helps to reinforce this slightly feminine but ALSO very MASCULINE expression.

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