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Yes. We've all been there. We think: "HM, do I really look as FIERCE and FABULOUS as I KNOW I CAN LOOK" ? On this day, I KNEW that I had chosen an outfit that complemented me and MY personality, AND that I KNEW people would envy me. Of course, not everyone has my well-trained body and tight butt, but this is actually an outfit that ANYONE can look good in.

This outfit LOOKS LIKE I spent hours picking out just the right things - like the orange beanie, pants, etc, but this outfit took me LESS than 2 hours to come up with. (No, I'm not kidding) - Yes - I already knew just after choosing the jacket/trousers that this was going to be FAB, but sometimes creative fashion brains think SUPER fast compared to other brains . ANYway. YEAH I thought when I looked in the mirror.

When looking at the outfit from the side, the trained fashion eye will immediately recognize flattering lines, color choices, and generally that things just fit together. Something you can also particularly notice are the white trainers which complement the whole look with a youthful and EDGY style.

The outfit seen from behind continues and AMPLIFIES previous explanations about the outfit. (which everyone can see) - And will probably lead to quite a lot of ENVY among fashion-conscious people who chose a "different (and more boring) path" this day. To be completely honest. I had NO IDEA that my SUPER CREATIVE avant garde fashion brain would come up with SUCH a complete, SEXY, EDGY, FABULOUS and FIERCE look/outfit today. But.... I DID.

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