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When it suddenly gets very hot and you find that you want to tie the sweater around your waist.

Here we see the usual way of doing this. Boring. (which is also reflected in the slightly dissatisfied facial expression. Can you tie the jumper in ANOTHER and more TRENDY way?

SURE. Today I found out a BRAND NEW and FABULOUS way to do this. You simply put the jumper behind your neck. Then you pull the sleeves in front and between each arm so that they protrude behind the back.

After this has been achieved, simply tie the sleeves in a knot behind the back as shown in the picture..

WOW! Eye candy. The sweater fits like a glove - trendy draped around the neck and back.

You become FIERCE and immediately "the center of attention" (notice that the dogs also like this trendy way of tying the jumper.)

When you know you look FAB, it's MUCH more fun to continue on the trip. If you feel like it, you can also allow yourself to make a small jump. (But don't jump down from something high, then you can injure yourself)

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