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Correct POSING is important

I went for a walk in the forest yesterday. SUDDENLY I ran into a lady who RECOGNIZED me from the fashion blog! After getting my autograph she of course wanted to take some FASHION SHOTS of me and OF COURSE she was allowed to do THAT. In the first picture below, I chose a NONCHALANT yet FIERCE POSE by simply putting my right foot next to a tree and lean on it. You can see that this immediately gives a YOUTHFUL and a bit "don't give a shit" effect to the posing and the general expression in the picture.

The lady was also very impressed by the way I had draped the green jumper over my left shoulder. Exactly this she thought was a bit DARING, INNOVATIVE but also very FAB. (At least she started to think so after discussing with me what I think))

In the picture below, I chose a more MASCULINE approach. Here you immediately notice the wide leg stance and not least the MOUTH which FURTHER reinforces the slightly MACHO expression.

In addition to the elegantly draped green jumper, you can also note that the combination of ORANGE T-shirt in BREATHABLE fabric and BLUE shorts REALLY works. And that this outfit will work just as well on a walk in the woods and fields OR in more festive context, such as a baptism or confirmation.

And again, a POUT will ALWAYS give an impression of YOUTHFULNESS and a slightly ANDROGYN inner STRENGTH that EVERYONE is GUARANTEED to find irresistible.

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