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Expired !

In this week's fashion blog post, I thought it might be time to show how NOT to do it. Here I have COMPLETELY CONSCIOUSLY put on a SUIT. (ugh) This garment has been worn since the 1930s I think, and is perhaps the most boring and most fashionable INCORRECT outfit out there. For me, who really keeps up with everything new and exciting on the fashion front, this old-fashioned outfit is AWFUL to wear - which you also see quite immediately from the not-quite-genuine "smile". The ONLY "redeeming quality" here is the Franco Vanucci shoes with the slightly trendy white sole.

Here I TRY to liven up the look with a FAB and sexy POSE, but only partially succeed due to the hopelessly outdated outfit.

Whew. Yes. I'm sorry, dear readers, but it IS a bit of FUN to just be completely OUT fashion-wise sometimes. In a hectic and frenzied world of fashion, you sometimes have to come up with some silliness!

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