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SPRING is here!

I got a request to come up with some TRENDY and HOT fashion tips for spring. It can still be a little cold, so for the first outfit I have chosen an orange hat with black and white stripes on it. I think these stripes look slimming. And so does the yellow FABULOUS jacket designed by Daniel Franck. Below the waist I went for a sure winner. These blue trousers are usually super-sexy seen both from the front AND from the back - and even from the side.

If the weather gets a bit warmer, you SHOULD look like the picture below. No. It is NOT a hat. It is a "BUFF". A sexy one. A stylish training jacket with a trendy cut and a real WOW factor, you can see very immediately that it works well. On my feet, I simply chose some WHITE sneakers. You can clearly see in the dog's admiring glance that here I did it AGAIN!

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