Letters from my FABULOUS and EDGY readers

Letter # 7
At today's fashion sizing, my personal photographer managed to take this shot. It's fun with new trends, isn't it? It is also extra fun when the fashion image becomes so real and in the moment. Stay fab! Regards, Kim

Letter # 6
Hello fashion guru and blogger, Kjartan.
At the launch of the new fashion t-shirt from LIMBOMUSIC , I held an ever so small but fabulous performance. Felt it went "All the way home" with the audience. But by all means, I would in no way recommend and do such "fashion stunts" if you don't have experience with fashion shows, I think. What do you think about it? Otherwise, stay fab! Greetings from your faithful fashion follower Kim.

Letter # 5
For me, EVERYTHING is about creating your own expression, as you Kjartan mentions in the great fashion blog. Something everyone else can do too. It's so easy to be cool. Anyone with an "eye for details" can simply enjoy the show where I strike fab poses on the catwalk. What I would like to point out and which I express myself with during the day are the slacks which are hot stuff right now! Otherwise, I have mixed new and old elements, yes it's just a matter of coming up with a style character. Regards fashionKim.

aNSWER FROM THE FASHION GURU. first of all. CAPSLOCK OFF. Like that. SO. Yay! I sense some sort of MOVEMENT here. Almost as if you were supposed to BE moving. Or at least ON THE WAY somewhere. It's cool ! Ooh. DIFFERENT shoes... yes - it WORKS with the gloves. Scarf? hmm. Jacket. Hmm. The pants are COOL and SLIGHTLY youthful and blue but NOT insanely edgy. The pose IS dramatic but maybe NOT so INNOVATIVE? Sorry for a bit of IN-YOUR-FACE fashion criticism here and now, but sometimes I, who actually HAVE a clue, have to speak up and be a GUIDE. BUT, and it's a WONDERFUL "but": The slightly ladylike MAN-BUN (ponytail) is DIVINE and not least SUPERFIERCE! These "MAN BUNs" are the VERY LATEST FAB NEW NOW and VERY IN and FAB right now at the start of 2019! So, dear Kim - you're a little bit in the thick of things today to begin with, but then you HIT THE MARK! Congratulations ! :-)

Letter # 4
Hello fashion guru. Just thought I'd come up with an input on how I now face autumn with a completely correct outfit, of course. I want to highlight my new man purse, it is knitted from Norwegian merino wool. Not sure how many people will see that, but here I'm focusing heavily on autumn's colours! What do YOU who actually KNOW this stuff think? I myself feel that this became a kind of "refined" look..
Regards Kim.

Answer from fashion GURU Kjartan:
Yes. This man-purse style of yours is very edgy and also a bit fierce, but the absolute MOST trendy thing about this LOOK is undoubtedly the socks and shoes. I wonder if they are called "Crocs". I can imagine that we will see more of this combination throughout the autumn!

Letter # 3
I was going to take the bus, so I thought a little NEW FASHION. Inspired by The Kardashians LA. This is hot stuff in the US and very practical when you don't have too many pockets, and it's also NOT something special Fabolus with plastic bags from the store. You get a whole new attention when you are a little forward!
Regards, Kim.

Answer from fashion GURU Kjartan:
Dear Kim, here you have done it AGAIN. This is the very DEFINITION of EDGY! I predict that in a short time all fashion-conscious men will be tripping around with their own edgy man-purse to GREAT excitement from the opposite sex. It's also nice that you mention the problem of not having enough pockets, because if you have one - then you can CARRY things IN it. It is SUPER PRACTICAL if you want to carry something that is too big to fit in your pocket. The beanie and mittens also MATCH - and with the super edgy FAB-GOTH-EMO shoes you simply take the PULSE of what's IN right now.

Letter # 2
Cheers to glitz and glamour! and thanks for the tip about ONLY one glove that you pose with in post #8 it was like the final straw for becoming a real fashionable cowboy! Yes, today I really adorned my temple with a fashionable outfit!

Answer from fashion GURU Kjartan:
GREAT to see that my edgy and fabulous readers are actually USING MY FASHION TIPS! Here you can immediately see that with just one glove (instead of the boring two) you become ASYMMETRICALLY INSTANTLY EDGY and COOL.

Letter # 1
KIM again:
For those of us who are interested in fashion, you have to be out in the light and find some inspiration on the fashion front, here with a British hat and matching scarf directly from H& M London.

Answer from fashion GURU Kjartan:
Dear Kim. You have done a lot right here. What immediately attracts MY (trained) fashion eye is actually the beige scarf. The color, design and the way it drapes around your neck is FAB and actually quite EDGY (and relatively fierce). I can also see quite immediately that you have THOUGHT when you chose the jacket and shirt. Both the jacket AND the shirt HIGHLIGHT the things I've already mentioned in a very edgy and SEXY way. This is GOOD Kim.

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