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Yay. Autumn is here again, just like last year and the year before.
Rain, wind and shit. Many people now have difficulty deciding on a color palette that complements their inner self and the season, but fear not, dear reader: I'm here.

Now let's switch OUT summer's orange and vibrant warm colors - with gray and black:

Even if the color palette doesn't exactly indicate party and baluba, (nor should it at this time of year) you can still enjoy the look of the clothes, how they fit together and not least the FIT.

Here you can see the garment from the OTHER side:

MEN'S MINI - How delicious and self-fulfilling it is to compose the PERFECT autumn outfit! When you look as FIERCE as this, you can pretend to see something interesting somewhere, so that random passers-by are left with a WOW impression that here is really an EDGY and fashionable person who IS GOING PLACES (on the way to a place).

I wasn't going anywhere this day, but those who pass by don't know that. EDGY FASHION is all about PERCEPTION (how things look on the surface).

Of course, fashionable shoes are also in place:

You might think that the trousers are dirty? GOOD SPOT, dear reader!
This is of course done knowingly AND willingly. Here I wanted to create the illusion that I had DONE something or other. BEEN a place. Brilliant?! If you want to create exactly this rustic look yourself, you can easily spread a little mud on the trousers in different places. And here I MUST be allowed to brag a bit about myself, because I don't even think Jan Thomas would have come up with THIS. I am simply THAT EDGY and INNOVATIVE.

We also include a FULL BODY SHOT IMAGE:

Wow! Eye-candy. I know !

STAY TUNED for even more autumn fashion !

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