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Orange is IN!
After all, summer is usually a bright and warm season, and random passers-by CAN get the sun in their eyes so they can't see that new-fashioned and FIERCE garment you're strutting around in. So right now, BRIGHT and EYE-CATCHING colors are best suited. Just check out these FABULOUS photos of me in EDGY orange:

Even if it's 30 degrees in the shade and you're sweating profusely: FASHION is most important!
I choose to lead by example and let EXPRESSION and SEXYness - go AHEAD of practicality and comfort.

HOLY MACKEREL - How delicious and self-fulfilling it is to compose the PERFECT summer outfit!

Please also note that I use an AVANTE GARDE wooden stick as an edgy ACCESSORY.

STAY TUNED for even more summer fashion!
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