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Great to see that the next generation also really EMBRACE fashion and fabulousness. Here my son William is elegantly dressed in black EDGY sweatpants and a TRENDY bubble jacket. You can see quite clearly that the next generation has really taken to heart yours trulys fashion tips and general SEXY style.

Pay special attention to the youthful helmet. Having a HAT underneath HIGHLIGHTS the insanely cool edgy style to new and unimagined heights indeed.

Something new AND something not so new:

The umbrella and the black Marius-like sweater here represent the NOT so new. OH MY GED: but then SUDDENLY you see the FANCY sneakers and the black shorts! You get completely blown away by the coolness. William "STRIKES A FAB POSE" (stands up cool) and presents here a very nice POUT MOUTH. Delicious!

Here you can enjoy the outfit from the side:

Fortunately, the next generation lives in line with fashion πŸ•ΊπŸ‘

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